Modern attribution for B2B marketers

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to stop relying on cookies and ignoring anonymous engagement

A new generation of AI-powered decision-making for
B2B marketers that are serious about growth.

Drive digital channel efficiency with seamless integrations across major platforms

Channel99 puts an end to wasted investment.

Now you can understand exactly how to target your most valuable accounts and make your budget work smarter.

The majority of paid media budget targets the wrong accounts with no transparency for marketers. Channel99 provides the ability to turn the table and make sure the majority of budget is working to drive revenue. With more insight into which channels and vendors are working and which are not, you will be more confident in making decisions.

Drive Marketing Efficiency
with Confidence

Gain unbiased, comparative insights into your marketing investments, enabling educated decisions that optimize reach, engagement, and financial impact on your performance targets.

  • Explore individual deals to uncover the channels & vendors that contributed

  • See precisely how each vendor performs (50% higher identification vs industry-leading ABM platforms)

  • Establish a proven framework for measuring account engagement, independent of cookie reliance

Stop Ignoring 60%+ of your Customer Signal

Channel99 eliminates the “unknown.” With superior account identification technology and the only Smart Pixel for B2B, you can have a 360 degree view of your customers and confidently make more informed decisions 

  • Attribute traffic to the right vendor with view-thru technology to capture prospects’ activity on and off your website

  • Eliminate the “unknown” source with better attribution to vendors and channels

  • Use your earned savings to invest in the highest performers and test new channels 

Unlock Competitive Advantage with Industry Benchmarking

With Channel99’s benchmarking intelligence, gain unbiased evidence by tracking performance against your industry peers. Leverage these insights to improve performance, rationalize next-level investment, and outpace your competitors.

  • Compare your performance with industry averages, channel by channel, to add context to your reporting and better predict the pipeline impact of your investments

  • Make smarter and faster business decisions by leveraging actionable insights

  • Set realistic goals and track progress effectively to drive continuous improvement in your marketing performance

Take the first step towards smarter marketing investments with Channel99.

Channel99 is For

Channel99 is for B2B marketers committed to driving growth by prioritizing smarter investment decisions and proving the impact of marketing.

How It Works

Eliminate marketing waste and dollar inefficiencies, lower customer acquisition costs, and drive pipeline more predictably. With relevant contextual benchmarking data and collaborative tools to better measure and evaluate marketing – across all channels and vendors – you now have an unbiased source of truth to better evaluate your digital investments.

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Ryan Hobson
President @ AlignBI and former
Data Science lead @ Adobe
“Channel99’s approach to modern attribution coupled with media mix models and A.I. is spot on. Traditional rules or touch-based attribution systems have never really worked.”
Nick Panayi
CMO @ Inovalon
“With Channel99, I can easily identify which vendors and channels are positively impacting our pipeline goals.”
Uzair Dada
CEO @ Iron Horse 
“The level of transparency Channel99 can provide is long overdue. Customers and their agencies will no longer have to rely on the inconsistent, and often biased, results from each vendor. It’s about time that B2B has a true third-party source to measure and compare the financial impact of their digital investments.”

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