Channel99 Launches First View-Through Analytics Technology for B2B Digital Marketing

New Functionality Works Across Media Platforms to Give Digital Marketers Transparency Into Targeting Efficiency, Waste, Reach, Engagement and Impact on Pipeline and New Deals


SAN FRANCISCO (December 6, 2023) — Channel99, a new generation of B2B performance marketing technology, today launched its new view-through technology purpose-built for B2B digital programs, made possible by a universal and cookie-free impression pixel. Customers can place unique pixels within their digital campaigns — including those run by Microsoft, Google, Demandbase, HubSpot, Outreach, Marketo and SalesLoft —  to gain transparency into targeting efficiency, waste, reach, engagement and impact on pipeline and new deals. Customers who trial the platform can upload custom B2B audiences, create multiple pixels and compare results for up to one million free impressions. 


The view-through and verification technology connects the activity happening with a customer’s digital ads, whitepapers, email and other digital assets off its website with the engagement of the same accounts on its website, allowing for a 360-degree view of an account before, during and after a deal closes. The platform and technology enabling connections to the website, CRM systems and spreadsheets — where custom audiences and spend data often reside — was introduced in September of this year. It includes an ‘Account Identity Network,’ which Channel99 built by integrating the ‘best-of’ data sources from across the industry for identifying accounts and bots.   


“The level of transparency Channel99 can provide is long overdue,” said Uzair Dada, CEO of Iron Horse. “Customers and their agencies will no longer have to rely on the inconsistent, and often biased, results from each vendor. It’s about time that B2B has a true third-party source to measure and compare the financial impact of their digital investments.”


Channel99 also offers functionality that makes it easy to compare vendors and channels on a variety of important KPIs, ranging from the percentage of impressions that reach the intended audience (targeting efficiency) to the resulting economics in terms of effective CPM and the actual impact on pipeline and revenue.   


“The most common question I hear is why hasn’t this been done before,” said Chris Golec, founder & CEO of Channel99 and founder of Demandbase. “The answer is that it has been done in B2C. However, the underlying technology needed to satisfy B2B’s needs is quite different, and there has not been a third party that can execute this need until today. 


The value proposition of B2C verification services is typically the identification of human versus non-human impressions, viewability and brand safety. While those are important, B2B’s priority is more about the efficiency of reaching a finite set of target accounts and the resulting impact on the sales pipeline and new deals.”


Future plans include the expansion of the view-through technology to leading publishers, video platforms, CTV and social media.  Where available, Channel99 will directly integrate with media platforms to simplify comparisons and directly load spend data. The company also has plans to broaden its industry benchmark data and roll out a generative AI solution for making more informed marketing investment decisions.  


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