MSIV Invests in Sausalito’s Channel99

MSIV Founder & Managing Partner Zachary Kushel sat down with Channel99 Founder & CEO Chris Golec to discuss the future of B2B marketing and Channel99’s vision to bring clarity to an opaque space.

5 Surprising Takeaways from B2B Campaign Benchmarking (that your vendors won’t share)

Chris Golec shares key takeaways and lessons learned when measuring and comparing digital performance. Plus key performance indicators to consider for efficient measurement.

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2024 B2B Marketing Resolutions We Might Not Abandon by February

It’s the time of year where we are thinking about resolutions in the new year. Here are a set of principles that will guide our decision making here at Channel99.

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Maximizing Marketing Impact in B2B: A Guide to Smarter Campaign Analysis

Drive more meaningful, cost-efficient results by leveraging view-through technology to measure and compare your campaigns.

Press Releases
Channel99 Launches First View-Through Analytics Technology for B2B Digital Marketing

A new generation of B2B performance marketing technology including a new view-through technology purpose-built for B2B digital programs.

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The Irreverent Guide to B2B Marketing Trends of 2024

B2B Marketing predictions and trends to look for in 2024 and beyond. Anticipate, adapt and repeat for the new year.

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